Esther Girls Basketball Team

The ESTHER GIRLS basketball team was developed several years ago, within the program, to participate in association and community sporting endeavours.

It was not long before a second team was established, due to the interest and success of the initial team. In a previous association, both teams were in the same grade, which made for an interesting 'Esther Derby' every couple of months. Whilst this caused some headaches for staff managing the in-house rivalry, spectators and supporters enjoyed some of the best spirited games against each other; with the both teams playing on one occasion ending in a 'draw'.

Ian Hale, pictured below, is the coach for each season, with Ian's volunteer role within the organisation spanning some 12 years. Ian trains the girls each Monday afternoon and attend each Saturday afternoon to guide and support the program participants in the health focussed association sport.

The ESTHER GIRLS basketball team [number 2] only minutes after their premiership win at the November 2008 Grand Final.

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