Programme Graduation

A graduation certificate is able to be achieved upon completion of the Esther Foundation's young women's residential health, development and leadership programme.

The period a certificate can be completed by is normally 6-18 months and includes completing the following aspects of the program;

  •  16 Assignments
  •  Journaling
  •  Recovery Workbooks
  •  Required Group and Individual Counselling
  •  Creative Arts Element
  •  Mentoring Obligation
  •  Reading Requirements
  •  Conflict Resolution
  •  Independent Living Skills
  •  Volunteer Community Service
  •  Leadership Training and Development



“The Esther Foundation has a mandate - to restore lives in need - they do so with respect and dignity recognising the uniqueness of each individual. We recognise that our children are our future; the Esther Foundation strives to restore that future for girls facing the transition to adulthood. I am inspired by the positive energy I have witnessed.”

Professor Fiona Woods AM Cit.WA
Australian of the Year 

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