Year 11 & 12

All participants of the Esther Foundation women's health and development program aged 19 years of age or under, must attend full time Curriculim Council of Western Australia approved education, as part of residing within the program. 

Tisha, a program participant, graduating from the year 11 & 12 education proThe following subjects are part of the curriculim;

  • English
  • Vocational Maths
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Personal Recovery
  • Independent Living
  • Work Placement

Incorporated into this full time stream of education is many of the program requirements and tasks, advancing the participants educationally, during the recovery process they are undertaking. This, so program participants are not hindered educationally whilst their personal issues are adressed.

This education is provided by licensed independent school Alta1 and delivered on and off site from the foundation.


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