Staff & Volunteer Training

With many former program graduates being employed by the Esther Foundation, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to present program participants with them; it was decided that the Esther Foundation would fund and provide for further training and development for these valuable staff within the workplace. This assists with the organisations Peer Led Recovery Model, which is cited around the world as one of the best models available for recovery programs.

It was also decided that this same training would be extended to core volunteers within the organisation also.

These valuable team members have access to, and in some cases have already completed, the following advanced education studies;

  •  Adv. Dip. Communty Sector Management
  •  Dip. Community Service
  •  Dip. Youth Services
  •  Dip. Event Management 
  •  Cert III Community Services

Presently, seven staff and volunteers are being delivered further education as part of their development and employment within the organisation. Such training not only develops these employees and staff within their role at Esther, but reinforces their role within the community as mentors and leaders to others.

These educational Internships and Scholarships are delivered in partnership with the Australian Centre for Advanced Studies and is facilitated by Dr Ross Woods, Academic Dean from ACAS


“I was excited when I first visited the Esther Foundation, because it was here that I first saw genuine recovery-based care in WA. I saw how a group of caring and passionate people has created an empathic environment in which damaged and vulnerable young ladies can overcome their problems and get their lives (back) on track. The Esther environment provides hope, understanding and a sense of belonging, key factors facilitating recovery. It empowers the young ladies to help themselves and enables them to help each other. This is how our society should be helping people suffering from addiction, mental health and other problems. This is the Recovery Model that forward-thinking communities in other parts of the world are successfully using to help people turn around their lives."  

 Emeritus Professor of Psychology - David Clark




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