The Esther Foundation lends is organisation, its staff and its participants to many worthy causes in the community, to assist where it is able with other like community groups and community needs. Some of this assistance is listed below;

- 18 program participants assisting Prison Fellowship with disadvantaged childrens camps through spring in both the South-West and in Wattle Grove where they cooked and catered for all the young children who has a parent in prison.    

- 23 program participants assisting with all the Christmas wrapping for Charity Link, as a fundraiser for that organisation.                                                                                                                                                                                              

- Nearly all of the up to 50 program participants assisting with the City of South Perth Australia Day Fireworks activities.                                                                                                                                                                                

- Esther Dance Crew perform at many charitable fundraisers including the Toodyay Hope From Ashes Charity Concert in 2010.                                                                                                                                                                            

-  A team of young girls and the Esther Dance Crew was organised to assist with a fundraiser at Churchlands Senior High School to support the Chaplaincy in the school.  

- The girls recently spoke at Greenwood Senior High School, as a part of White Ribbon Day, where young women from the Esther program that had escaped domestic violence were able to impart an educational message to the students. Other schools    include; Penhros College, Swan Christian College & Churchlands High School. 

Five young teenage girls from the program have been involved with the City of South Perth Youth Advisory Council [YAC], where they were able to input thier views and expressions toward the needs of young people in the South Perth region.

The young girls have served as volunteers, performers and speakers at many events, functions and conferences across the metropolitan area. Such events include the Make a Difference Foundation Charity Dinner, the Be You Beautiful Conference and 'Leavers' events in the South West.

- Young women from the Esther program [participants & staff] have been overseas to assist with orphanages in Africa and in Thailand.

- Each year the young girls assist the Applecross Rotary Club at the Jacaranda Festival and the Belmont Rotary Club on their Rotomart Sunday Market as volunteers.

- For several years now the "Fight Against Drugs" team of teenagers from our program have assisted with the Drug Aware Pro surfing event in Margaret River.







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